Your Pocket Guide to various types of Online Poker games available [2020]

once you create an account and deposit some money. Use this money at the beginning.
Written by Taylor

How many times have you seen online poker advertisements spawning upon your screen?So tempting that you cannot stop your urges to click them, albeit knowing they’re mere click-baits.

So poker is becoming a big thing among Indian millennials. And it has all its rights to be, with the money on the table coupled with fun it offers. Here we bring you a pocket guide to online poker learning you out of all your apprehensions regarding this coveted game.

You won’t go to jail! Think of playing the game wisely!

1967 ruling of the Supreme Court says that rummy needs skill, hence it is not classified as gambling. However, it did not throw any light on whether money can be put on the rummy table, which is taken for granted as a yes. So you can safely put your money on the table as of now.

However, there is an exception with the states of Telangana, Odisha and Assam while Gujrat is considering a ban. So if you come under the jurisdiction of these states, stay away from the game.

Start small: Know how to play the game of poker!

So now that you have decided to join the league, take note of these points. Start with some pocket change, the recommendation is to start with the least stake possible.

Online Poker games available [2020]

The problem here is that as you put more and more money, your chances of losing rockets up. Larger sums attract seasoned players, thus diminishing your chances of winning.

The exciting part here is most websites will give you deposit bonuses, once you create an account and deposit some money. Use this money at the beginning.

Progressing with the game online and offline!

Poker is some luck, but most brains. With time you need to hone your calculation skills like judging the probability of your cards vis-à-vis other’s card.

You need to adopt a specific gameplay strategy. Playing in the right games, against the right guys, and most importantly, playing with the right cards. Of course, this will come with time and hence it is not advised to rush the money.

This is the cornerstone of our guide to online poker. You can make money in a couple of games, but hold your adrenaline then and there, staying profitable in the long term is altogether a different story.

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